Food & Drink

Wild places often offer up the very best produce! On Exmoor it’s no different. Local producers work hard to create tastes that reflect the beauty of the natural landscape, whether that’s upland lamb, free range beef, poultry or fish. Likewise, local chefs are making the most of the harvest by serving food that has fewer food miles than most. In many cases it can be measured in yards.

Dairy produce in our part of the west is exceptional too. Apart from our world famous clotted cream, we also produce fabulous ice creams and cheeses such as Exmoor Blue, which enjoys a PGI status and can only be called Exmoor Blue if it is made in certain parts of North Devon and Somerset.

Being one of the wilder parts of the west, there are always opportunities to pick up game locally, such as pheasant and rabbit, and venison culled from Exmoor’s carefully managed and larger than average Red Deer population.

Naturally, having the sea close by means that fish is never far from the menu, whether battered and served with chips in the local chippy (which are very, very good), served in a gastropub or restaurant overlooking the sea. Fish are still landed on Exmoor and locally in North Devon which means it’ll be as fresh as fresh can be. Fishing Exmoor’s rivers also brings delights to local plates, with locally caught trout appearing on many local menus.

When it comes to drink, Exmoor is a fine place to fill your glass too. Exmoor Gold from Exmoor Ales is an award winning ale that has inspired many similar brews the world over. Exmoor Ales also make Exmoor Beast, Exmoor Stag and Exmoor Wild Cat.

Eating out is fairly easy on Exmoor. Many of its pubs have restaurants with places like The Culbone, The Stag Hunter’s Inn, The Hunter’s Inn and The Black Venus Inn offering local grub cooked brilliantly. It’s even possible to eat in a ‘celebrity’ restaurant. Whilst the chef isn’t famous, 11 The Quay in Ilfracombe has a very famous owner in the form of Damien Hirst. The food’s good too — as is the art on the walls, if you like that kind of thing (which we do).


Our Exmoor Cottages

If you like the idea of a blissful holiday in the great destination of Exmoor, then why not take a look at our great selection of cottages in Exmoor. We have cottages in Exmoor that will be ideal for a large group or family that needs lots of space and a safe surrounding. If you fancy a quiet romantic getaway, you will love some of our smaller properties in Exmoor, some with an open fire-place, some with internet access and you can even treat yourself to a cottage with a hot tub.

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